Full Paper Submission


All participants with presentations are requested to submit full paper manuscripts (Invited lectures 8 pages; poster/short oral presentations 6 pages)

  • Paper should be edited in MS-Word, version 97 or later version.
  • All text must be in English with Times New Roman in a single space.
  • Paper size should be A4, 21cm x 29.7cm (8.26 in. x 11.6 in.) and margins are set for 2.5cm (top, end, right) and 3 cm for left side of the page.
  • Name of Paper File should be presenting author's initial first and middle names and full last name_paper.doc in English.
  • The length of paper should be 8 pages for invited lectures and 6 pages for poster /short oral presentations.
  • Allow one line space among below items, respectively, except for Tables/Figures.
  • Do not use proportional spacing.
  • Do not use any special text formatting codes or control characters.
  • Do not split words with a hyphen at the end of a line. Only use hyphens that are part of the word or word combination.

Order of material

Author(s), Affiliations
Main text (Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion)


  • Title should be centered and typed in Times New Roman font 12.
  • Capitalize the title letters and use bold face.


  • Names of authors should be centered, typed in Times New Roman font 11, bold and marked with numbers 1,2,3,etc, if affiliations of authors are different.
  • Corresponding author's name should be additionally marked with an asterisk *.


  • Names of Affiliations should be centered and typed in Times New Roman font 11, Italic.
  • When authors' affiliations are different, identity with a number in superscript at the beginning of each affiliation.
  • In a separate line, type e-mail address of corresponding author.

Main Text
Names of heads should be capitalized, typed in Times New Roman font 12, bold and in the left side.
Single space in all body text and double space between body text and next head.
Text must be justified and not be put in columns.  

  • Use Times New Roman font 12.
  • Title of references should be capitalized and typed in bold.
  • The text reference should be given in numbers and the references are listed numerically at the end of the text.
  • The reference list should give the names and initials of all authors unless there are more than four, in which case only the first three should be given followed by et al.
  • 'Unpublished observations' and 'personal communications' may not be used as references, although references to written, not verbal, communications may be inserted in parentheses in the text. Typescripts accepted but not yet published may be included in the reference list, followed by 'in press' in parentheses.

Examples of references
(a) Book with a personal author:
[1] King, A. B. (1998). Title of Book. Butterworth-Heinemann.

(b) Journal article:
[2] King, A. B. (1998). Title of article. Br. J. Surg., 25, 268-70. (volume no, pages)

(c) Chapter in book:
[3] King, A. B. and Cook, A. B. (1998). Title of chapter. In Title of Book (A. B. Frazer, ed.) pp. 175-8, Butterworth-Heinemann.

(d) Agency publication:
[4] Department of Health (1998). Publication title. HMSO.

(e) Government report:
[5] Name of the report (Jones Report, 1998). HMSO.

Tables and Figures

  • Tables and Figures should be inserted in the text and both should be centered.
  • Caption of Table should appear on top of the table with left alignment and Figure Caption is under each figure and center (Times New Roman font 10, bold). Captions should be numbered (e.g. Table 1. or Figure 1.).

You can download the document given below and use it as a model to write your own proceeding.

Click here for sample document (.doc format)